Welcome to MINIMAL

We are two friends, sharing our passion for versatile and timeless look. MINIMAL is a slow fashion line, made in Egypt by local makers and craftsmen. By purchasing of any product from us, please be reasured, you are giving work to those, who really need it. We stand for fair payment, good treatment, and overal satisfaction from both sides, ours and those who helps us to make this happen. Thanks for taking time to check out our work. We appreciate it.
Mika & Marina

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We pack all your orders into these beautiful cotton pillow cases, instead of paper or plastic wrapping. They are super easy to care for, can be washed at 30-40C in the machine in the protective net in order to preserve the tassels, or hand washed. They are made locally and so is the material. Suitable for outdoor use as well. 


Our concept is to support small and local makers. We never resell goods imported from abroad. We give work to tailors in Cairo and women in rural areas who make our palm leave bags.  Everything is made in Egypt.


We are stay at home/ working moms without nannies. Be reassured, that every step we take, we have our kids with us, and looking after them at the very same time. We do not mass produce clothing, neither we follow the latest trends. We go through this journey on our own pace and by heart.

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